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Environmentally formulated FireAde® 2000 Climate Control is the newest generation in low temperature aqueous film forming foam. This formulation signifies our commitment in protecting our environment using Green Agent Technology™. FireAde® 2000 Climate Control concentrate is formulated to prevent additional environmental hazards when applied to fire. The capacity of FireAde® 2000 Climate Control to produce a stable, heat resistant and self-sealing blanket at -20°C is extraordinary. A unique proprietary additive (not antifreeze) has been added to FireAde® 2000 to withstand extreme low temperatures.

FireAde® 2000 Climate Control contains NO hazardous materials in the formulation. The special formulated concentrate has a dramatically reduced viscosity compared to other low temperature concentrates. The viscosity enables FireAde® 2000 Climate Control to be used in all types of foam portioning systems, in-line eductors, and standard foam equipment with no adverse effects.

Green Agent Technology™

  • Environmentally Formulated
  • 98% Organic Compounds
  • Contains no PFOA or PFOS
  • Zero Hazardous Chemicals
  • Encompasses Water Based and Food Grade Ingredients
  • Fully Biodegradable
  • Contains no ingredients reportable under the Superfund amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) Title III, Section 313 of 40 CFR-372 or Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA).